Are you a business owner?

Perhaps you’re a sole proprietor looking for a customized tax plan? COLLIER offers customized retirement plans for small and medium sized business owners who are looking to ensure their employees' futures, while lowering their yearly tax burden. We will be your partner in choosing the plan that best serves you and your employees.

We will be there from implementation and investment selection, all the way through to monitoring and education. COLLIER takes the complication and burden off of the shoulders of both you and your employees. We make creating the right plan for you simple and effective. We also pride ourselves on providing personalized and friendly service, and we are always available to answer questions from you or your employees.


We can support the unique needs of business owners:

  • Plan design Assistance
    We will design a customized plan for your business that will help you defer the most possible income for tax saving and future retirement income and also help you attract and retain top employees.
  • Third Party Administration
    You will be partnered with an industry leading TPA that will create plan documents for you to tell you exactly how much you are able to put away each year.   
  • Investment analysis
    We will make recommendations that fit your needs and risk tolerance.   
  • Fee disclosure
    We will give you cost effective plan options and details on all plan fees.
  • Fiduciary status
    Did you know that most business owners have fiduciary responsibility for their company retirement plan? This means that you may be responsible if your employees are not properly invested. We can give you the option to outsource that burden.
  • Investment policy statement review
    We will present and review your formal and prudent investment policy statement. 
  • Communication
     You will be able to access someone with experience and direct accountability that can answer all of your questions. 

Individualized investment education/advisory services to empower employees to take a more active role in their financial future:

  • Communication Plan
    We will check in regularly with your employees to make sure they understand their investments, savings options and are comfortable with their risk.
  • Personalized Coaching
    We will addresses each participants’ individual needs through one-on-one financial counseling and offer them expanded financial planning services.