Financial Planning

At COLLIER, nothing is more important than you, your dreams, and your legacy. We make understanding you and building your individualized plan the single most important part of our job.

During an in-depth initial consultation, we will identify your unique needs, specific goals, and life dreams. We will also dig into your current financial situation. Together, we will create a plan to secure your finances in a maintainable fashion that will allow you not only to grow your finances, but to maintain your preferred lifestyle throughout your retirement. Through the years, COLLIER will be here for you, to review your plan against your objectives and to make adjustments as needed as the markets, your goals, and your life circumstances ebb and flow.

Every action we take is about you; about helping you understand your opportunities, both known and unknown. COLLIER does all of this, while ensuring that you also have the all of the support you need to achieve your dreams. Our specialty is building a customized plan designed to help grow your wealth, build your legacy, and maintain your lifestyle.


The road to retirement and the transition into retirement, from accumulation to distribution, is complex. We will create a tax efficient retirement strategy to help grow and preserve your capital as well as simplify your financial life.


What are your financial and life goals, and what are the tools and actions you need to take to get there? COLLIER will help you identify and clarify what is really important to you. We will do a cash flow analysis to be sure your money is not being wasted. We will show you how your current risk tolerance will impact you long term, and tell you how much you need to save for retirement, as well as what you can safely spend in said retirement. Together, we will create a goal-based comprehensive plan to make your dream a reality. We will then teach you the skills you need to be in charge of your finances.


We want to be sure that your family is protected from the unexpected. Insurance planning can include insurance policies that offer a tax-free inheritance to your heirs, protect your family from unexpected death or disability, and protect your business if key employees or owners die. We also handle Long Term Care planning.


Are you sure that your money will be distributed the way you intend? We will look at your overall estate plan and work directly with your estate planning attorney. The right trust and correct account titling can make all the difference in how much taxes your estate needs to pay, controlling how the money is paid out to your heirs, and can ensure that they don’t have a lot of hassle after you are gone.


What kind of legacy do you want to leave to your family and to the world? What charitable organizations inspire you, and how do you want to give back? We can help you with tax advantaged inheritance strategies and charitable giving strategies. You can engage the next generation and help instill the value of giving back.


By creating a portfolio with individual securities, COLLIER gives you the ability to harvest losses for tax purposes to better control how much you will pay in taxes. We can also structure your withdrawals in retirement to be as tax efficient as possible. We work closely with your CPA to customize a plan for your unique situation.


The landscape of education planning is constantly changing. Together we will find the most efficient way for you to save for your children’s or grand children’s education, using all of the available college savings plans