Our Process at Collier

We strongly believe in the financial planning process. A formal process provides the greatest chance that we will be able to understand your values and needs and provide solutions to meet your individual goals.

These steps include:

  1. Establish the Client-Planner Relationship. 
    A complementary financial exploration in our office will determine whether Collier, Sustainable Wealth Management is a good fit for your financial needs.
  2. Gather Data. 
    Collier Sustainable Wealth Management will help you determine your goals and set expectations for moving forward. We may seek to speak with your other advisors, i.e. accountant, insurance agents and estate planning attorney, at this time.
  3. Analyze and Evaluate the Current Situation. 
    We will analyze the data you provide to evaluate your current financial condition.
  4. Develop and Present the Plan. 
    We will develop and present a written plan designed to meet your unique financial goals.
  5. Implement The Plan.
    We will help you establish and consolidate investment accounts and implement the portfolio recommendations. We may work with your accountant, insurance agents and estate planning attorney to implement portions of the plan.
  6. Monitor the Plan. 
    We will monitor all aspects of the plan and rebalance the portfolio when necessary. We will have regular reviews to make sure your plan is on track and changes to the plan will be made when your circumstances or needs change.