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Getting to know you

In this meeting, either in person or over the phone, we will spend a little time getting to know each other. You will tell us about your goals and what you are looking for in a financial advisor. We will tell you all about our services and who we can best serve. The next day, we will reconnect via phone and discuss whether we can meet your needs, and you will let us know if you are interested in becoming our client. We keep our client base small so that we can give excellent service to each individual, and we often work with our clients for many years, so it's important to us that there's a good fit on both sides. If we mutually decide to work together, we will schedule the next appointment.


The Discovery process

Before you come to this meeting download the financial planning fact finder. Fill this out and email to us or bring it with you to our appointment. At the second meeting, we will have an in-depth discussion of your needs, concerns, objectives, values and goals. This meeting allows us to do an initial analysis of your situation so we can begin our financial and investment plan.

*Optional bonus homework: take about 10 minutes and sit down in a quiet, comfortable place by yourself or with your partner, and fill out the 3 3 3 life goals analysis. This will help you get very clear about what is truly important to you and will always be our north star in planning.

Plan presentation and review

Next, we will review your goals and objectives and make sure that they have all been addressed. We will talk about the assumptions that we made in coming up with your plan, and then present the specific strategies and recommendation that we believe you should implement. We will then give you a road map of the steps that will be involved in the implementation of the recommendations.

Implementing the plan

Then, we will review the financial plan that we designed for you and the specific recommendations we made. The main purpose of this meeting is to discuss any updates or changes to your financial plan and complete the appropriate paperwork and forms to implement the plan. 

Ongoing - Quarterly or Semi-Annual reviews: How are we doing

At COLLIER, you can call us anytime. We are always here to answer your questions about your portfolio or any other aspect of your financial life that may come up. Need to sell your house? Should you invest in this opportunity? Need to access money? We are always here for you and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and communication.

You might not have needed to call us in a while, so we will contact you quarterly or semi-annually to schedule a meeting to check in and review the progress of your plan. We will make sure you are on track with meeting your goals and that we are hitting the marks to ensure that can happen. Between meetings COLLIER will always be monitoring your portfolio and making changes when necessary.