Meris Collier, CFP®
Financial Advisor and CEO

Meris joined COLLIER, Sustainable Wealth Management in 2006 where she became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® in 2011 and ultimately became the full owner of COLLIER in 2015. She carries on the strong legacy of creating customized solutions for each of her clients and their personal and unique goals. Meris enjoys the challenge of analyzing complex financial data and cares deeply about communicating with each client in simple clear terms that they understand. She loves creating the best plan for each client and partnering with them to put all the pieces into place. 

In her off time Meris enjoys the weekends she gets to join her family cruising the Puget Sound and Desolation Sound and hiking in the region.  As well, she likes to pursue her inner life through yoga and meditation.  Meris gives back to her community in many ways and was recently on the board of Oikocredit, a microfiance institution serving and lifting people out of poverty.


Linda Collier
Founder, Consultant 

Linda began COLLIER in 1986 and worked to build and preserve wealth for two generations. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Washington, where she studied business and finance under Nobel Prize winning economist, William Sharpe. With extensive experience in financial and retirement planning, Linda continues to bring her extensive experience to COLLIER.

Robert Alessi
Back office support

Bob has 26 years of business and operational industry experience with a special love for financial services. He is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. 

Donilyn Linkous
Client Services Coordinator

Donilyn ensures that our clients receive the best possible service. She will book appointments for you and is the first person you should call if you have any questions about your financial planning process. Donilyn is in charge of processing all paperwork and making sure that all of your documents are in good order. Donilyn prides herself on operational efficiency, prompt and thorough follow through and excellence in all that she does. Donilyn loves getting to know each client on a personal level so that she can understand and anticipate each of their needs.