Wealth Management

For too long, the average investor has been getting the short end of the stick. They’ve been paying too much in taxes and fees, with expensive and inefficient mutual funds or insurance products.  COLLIER breaks down the barriers that commonly prevent people like you from investing like the big endowments and ultra-high net worth groups around the globe do.

COLLIER designs diversified portfolios based on your needs and risk tolerance. Unlike investing in traditional, tax inefficient mutual fund portfolios, which offer little to no transparency, we include individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, and/or alternative investments like Real Estate Investment Trusts, helping to keep your investments transparent and cost effective. We will build a plan to boost your accumulation years and prepare you for your distribution years to ensure that your money lasts you for your lifetime.

With COLLIER, there are no quotas for us to fill or proprietary products that we try to sell to you. We give you the best options possible that are designed specifically for you, so that you can have peace of mind over your financial future. We will create a tax advantaged strategy to help you grow and preserve your capital, and simplify your financial life.

Your secure future starts with the COLLIER team analyzing all available wealth management and investment options that will best suit your needs. Through the years, we will monitor and rebalance any and all aspects of your plan when necessary. We also have quarterly or semi-annual check-ins where we review your plan against our progress towards helping you achieve your dreams.